Superpoke Social Dynamics

December 25 03:33 2008 Print This Article

Excerpt from a YM conversation:

Nothing like Christmas to send random superpokes to chicks without being weird.
It’s sort of a good way to test female responsiveness or apprehension against certain fictional actions.
Superpoke was probably invented as a form of kinesthetic flirting as opposed to talking about how your day was.
(not really)
Incidentally, poking in Facebook can be interpreted as a “nicer” act than Superpoking.
Because superpokes are too often used for a lot of nonsense and obviously to get to the next level of superpokes.

If a girl superpoked you with “says hi”, as opposed to “dance the lambada with you”, it says a bit about how much rapport you have with her. (or even him, as long as he just uses friendlier non-homo superpokes)

I’d surmise that if you meet someone in Facebook and escalate her through superpokes, she won’t be as squeamish about any random kino activities upon meeting face to face… but then again, you really shouldn’t meet random people off teh interwebs. Meet them in teh real lifes, poke them there, then superpoke them in facebook to keep the kino going without being weird when you see each other again.

Either way, superpokes are just so much better than sending them a wall message that says “Hi kamusta na anong balita natatandaan mo pa ako? ako yung si whatshisface nagkita tayo dati sa whateverplace… haha ang galing ano… so… what about them basketballs!?”

On that note, I heard a suitable substitute for “basketballs” is something called a “pacquiao”.
I never tried it myself.

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