The early bird gets the Gears of War 2

The early bird gets the Gears of War 2
October 29 11:33 2008 Print This Article

Let’s just say its a fringe benefit. Thanks to the help of modern technology (and other things), I hold in my hand Gears of War 2, obviously for the Xbox 360 – 2 weeks early from when it should have been released.

Being the responsible internet dude that I am, I won’t spoil anything for anybody. By the way, Liquid Ocelot is alive and the Locust can see through clothes. Picking up meatshields seem to pwn a great deal, and Dom can now scale sheer rock cliffs and collect bounty. That’s all I’ll say.

Other, more normal acquisitions include Fable 2 and Dead Space. Both are quite impressive but Dead Space might actually be one of the best survival horror games you’ll ever play. Forget mixing herbs, shining a flashlight through fog, or taking pictures of black and white ghosts – well, partly because Japan will never move on to bigger better things from what we’ve been seeing.

Oh and Gears of War 2. Bigger, better, wierd pink blood in triple amounts, and more badass.

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