Blizzard hates consoles

Blizzard hates consoles
May 12 21:56 2008 Print This Article

A forum excerpt where someone asks if Starcraft 2 is heading to consoles…

Blizzard has very little history on porting thier games to any console – which makes any console SC2 highly unlikely.

The main factor that may make them change their mind is the fact that console gaming is 10:1 to PC gaming these days. Console gaming has less piracy, and has (a whole lot) more consumers than PC games – especially since PC gaming is (dead) a horrible clusterfuck of expensive hardware and horrible copy protection “validation” schemes. But don’t tell that to the mouse and keyboard crowd, they’re touchy about that.

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  1. Ix
    May 13, 20:34 #1 Ix

    as long as that console supports keyboards and mice, i don’t see any problem. (hint: one such console’s initials are P, S, and 3.)

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  2. panzerpuff
    May 13, 20:38 #2 panzerpuff

    As long as a M&K control schemes for consoles don’t become standard though, games that will majorly support them will be limited.

    You wouldn’t and shouldn’t want to alienate anybody if they have just the standard control scheme…

    Unless they market that game like they would a Guitar Hero / Rock Band game, with standard pheripherals per copy of the game… which makes it even worse.

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