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Delete Some Friends, Get A Whopper; Too bad Facebook Says “WTF NO”

Burger King is no stranger to crazy marketing hijinks. We’ve all seen Whopper Virgins, and the funnier Whopper Freakout. But those wouldn’t make this blog even if they tried. No,

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Alodia Gets Hacked So I put a Magnifying Glass Through Her Shorts To See What I can Find

So yesterday, your favorite GBC, short for Gamer-Blogger-Cosplayer (unfortunately not GameBoy Color), Alodia Gosiengfiao, multi-talented Atenista extraordinaire, (major talent: camera shyness) got hacked. Some of her e-mail accounts and social

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Surprise! Friendster Blogs now use WordPress, and Surprise! Friendster is HELLA Slow During Christmas

Hey, look. It’s Friendster. The ugly 90-year old cousin of the hot, young and well-dressed Facebook. Its been a while. Seeing that its Christmas, maybe it would be great to

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Superpoke Social Dynamics

Excerpt from a YM conversation: Nothing like Christmas to send random superpokes to chicks without being weird. It’s sort of a good way to test female responsiveness or apprehension against

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ShoZu, the best app for cellphones (or anything) – When its working.

Do you keep a social network? Sure you do. How about a blog? Affirmative. Do you have a photo hosting site to keep the family photos? Probably. So what happens if you take a picture and you want to share it to the world?

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