Delete Some Friends, Get A Whopper; Too bad Facebook Says “WTF NO”

February 13 01:30 2009 Print This Article

app_3_33988778285_984 Burger King is no stranger to crazy marketing hijinks. We’ve all seen Whopper Virgins, and the funnier Whopper Freakout. But those wouldn’t make this blog even if they tried. No, but this time – and I’m not even a big fan of Burger King – they’ve offended teh Facebook and made me proud. Because when you go against the Zuckerberg, you’re going down like Chinatown.

So what’s the offending marketing ploy? Its Whopper Sacrifice, a Facebook app with a viral way to give you a free burger. Ten times the viral-ity. How so? The app gives you a coupon for a free Whopper if you delete 10 of your Facebook happypals. Finally, a great way to get a free whopper and shave off a few names off your list, right?

Well no, Facebook begs to differ. Here’s a quote:

Facebook® has disabled WHOPPER® Sacrifice after your love for the WHOPPER® Sandwich proved to be stronger than 233,906 friendships.

I could understand how weird it could be for Facebook. A couple hundred people being removed from friend’s lists, (and then added right back I’m sure) until everybody has had their share of BK’s trademark sandwich.

Its one part viral, two parts genius, and three parts insane. Gotta hand it to those BK marketing folks.

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  1. gerard pogi
    February 24, 13:32 #1 gerard pogi

    ill just biy a burger. its much harder and twice the effort to delete random people in facebook anyway…

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