Android Users: There’s A Ridiculous Amount Of Free Apps On GetJar Right Now! Yohoho!

Android Users: There’s A Ridiculous Amount Of Free Apps On GetJar Right Now! Yohoho!
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There’s so many free apps that they had to alphabetize it.


Hey guys, its Christmastime! And because its Christmas – or maybe just because GetJar people are crazy people – they’re giving away 100+ free Android apps on their app marketplace. Why call it an app market when things are free? We don’t know either. Let’s call it an app riot sale. It’s so crazy we haven’t even gotten past letter H yet. And there’s so many good apps here that you shouldn’t miss though, so act now. Instructions are after the break!


Downloading from GetJar is a little more involved than the usual Android Market – but you probably already expected that, what with GetJar being an alternate download site. It works pretty well anyway, unless you’re trying to download 100+ apps as fast as possible. Either way, the apps are way worth it, and there are a ton of gems to get. For a list of the free apps, you can go to this link here. (List of apps is horizontally scrolling, not vertical.)


You think 12 pages of apps is enough? Maybe.


And to simplify on how to get them installed, lets bullet-style the instructions:

  1. With your Android device, make sure your phone is set to allow non-Market app installs – go to Settings > Applications, and check Unknown sources.
  2. With your Android device, open your web browser and go to It should prompt you to install the GetJar app. Just click through and install it.
  3. If you don’t have a PC to browse the app list with, just go to the Apps > Gold Section to pick out the free apps.
  4. … but if you DO have a desktop, go to this link we mentioned above:
  5. Scroll horizontally (sideways) to find apps you like, then click Download Here. It will take you to the GetJar marketplace with the app selected.
  6. Click Download and it will give you an App code. (Something like: 167590)
  7. On your Android phone / GetJar App, click Quick Download.
  8. Enter the App code on the input box. It will take you to the App on your phone.
  9. Click Download to finally get it in there.
  10. Repeat from step 4 until satisfied!
  11. ?????
  12. PROFIT!


Some of the most awesome apps can be downloaded there. We highly recommend a bunch of these, including: Beautiful Widgets, Illusia, Majesty, Paper Camera, SmartOffice, TapaTalk, Zenonia and more. Most of the ones we haven’t tried yet but look good as well. So check them out – there’s no risk since they’re free!


Enjoy guys, Merry Christmas!



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