Globe & Smart Open Signups For iPhone 4S–Yep, You Heard It Right; Both Of Them!

Globe & Smart Open Signups For iPhone 4S–Yep, You Heard It Right; Both Of Them!
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The iPhone 4S


Times change, seasons come and go, and exclusivity deals lapse. Such is now the case for the exclusivity deal that Globe used to have with iPhones. And now both Globe and its bitter rival Smart are offering the newest version of the popular Apple smartphone for preorder signup. (retail, non-preorder units will of course be available later on) What that means is that, besides the obvious part about Smart & Globe now offering the iPhone 4S, is that you can now sign up for their list of people who will be selected (pre-approved) for pre-ordering the iOS 5 smartphone. Simply put, it’s kind of like the pre-preorder shenanigans just to see if you got the Bentley in your garage. You do have one, don’t you?


The Apple iPhone 4S is the newest smartphone to come out of the Cupertino-based company and improves upon the iPhone 4 in a couple of ways – despite it’s outward appearances not really offering any clues. New features include a dual-core Apple A5 processor, improved 8MP camera, and 1080p video recording over the previous 720p. Of course, you still get the 3.5” 960×640 resolution IPS display, VGA front facing camera, and the usual smartphone connectivity options. What’s also new with the 4S software is the voice assistant system called Siri, and an online storage space called the iCloud, among other new enhancements.


Both Globe & Smart are now offering the “register your interest” pages right now for parties who want to pony up and pre-order the phone. What this means is that you’ll be part of the individuals who the companies will pre-approve for the upcoming orders. You know, just so they make sure that not just anybody can walk out with an iPhone 4S and never be heard from again. You can sign up for the “I’m auditioning for an iPhone 4S pre-order” from Smart here and from Globe here. Just make sure you have two coats of wax on that Bentley before they come by to check on it.


Note: Prices for the iPhone 4S on both camps have not been announced yet.



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