BlackBerry PlayBook To Support Android Apps

BlackBerry PlayBook To Support Android Apps
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Sometimes, we have to ask – hard, weird, crazy, or sometimes, plain obvious questions. Research in Motion, the Canadian company popular for its BlackBerry phones, have just announced that their upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook will also support Android applications. (Source) So what is our question? Read on to find out.


The BlackBerry PlayBook was announced September last year, and is finally getting a little closer to release. Running on a custom BlackBerry Tablet OS with a 1Ghz processor, 1GB of RAM, and a 7” 1024×600 TFT capacitive screen, the PlayBook has just the right amount of hardware for a very capable tablet computer.


To expand the 25,000+ applications available for the tablet via BlackBerry App World, RIM has announced that a run-time environment for BlackBerry Java apps and Android applications will be released this summer. Thus, expanding the possible library of applications by about 250,000+ more applications from the Android side of the fence. What’s more, while the press release doesn’t mention much about future devices supporting Android, rumors has it that RIM will also support future BlackBerries with this Android environment. Giving BlackBerry users an extra oomph in available applications.


We do, though, have to ask one question: Why not just make it run Android in the first place?


We know there are issues with completely going with Android, and at this point, we wouldn’t recommend RIM to do that. But at the same time, this move to support Android apps can also be seen as a white flag. RIM is saying they can’t keep up with the explosive increase in Android applications and therefore must tip its hat to the competition. That’s fine, right? RIM isn’t exactly fighting for the exact same market anyway. The only problem here now is: what if their move to support Android apps gives their loyal fanbase a taste of the green robot and switch to a Droid instead?


So I guess that makes it two questions.

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