On 17 inch gaming laptops and bidding

May 20 21:43 2008 Print This Article

So I’m here at 6AM checking for some laptops and I’ve pretty much found the laptop series I want. The Gateway P series. Its a wierd model line but most of the units have a 512Mb Geforce 8800 cooking under the sink. 3GB ram minimum, and a whopper of a 17 inch monitor. The cheapest one looks to be the P-6831FX with a 1.66Ghz processor. Reading up on its reviews, the low processor speed doesn’t really mean much unless you plan on doing some excess multitasking – though the ability to do that is always a plus.

No, but for all intents and purposes, this laptop kicks obscene amounts of ass. Just how obscene an amount of ass kicking are we talking about here? Profane or really offensive? – Really Offensive. (Thats a Pretty Woman quote, edited the ass kicking bit) In all my days in the Philippine islands, I probably haven’t seen a desktop thats better than this – and this is a laptop we’re talking about here. Bring those goddamn PC nerds on. I’ve got better, and I wasn’t even trying.

Its probably worth mentioning that this laptop is a steal already at 1.199.99$, but hey. We don’t stop there. Ebay is listing more than 10 decent ones ranging from 200 (early bidding) to around 700-900 (ends in an hour+). I wonder if I can get lucky with a 400 dollar bid on a slightly scratched up one. Maybe I can even buy two – then we’ll really start cooking some heads. Cooked so bad they’ll shrink.

Now just give me some time to think before acting. I know what I want, and it seems I can take my time on this one. (Unless they run out of this thing on ebay… Doubt it, this isn’t the Philippine market we’re talking about anyway.)

So, let me ask you: would you pay 30k for a laptop that… oh wait, you’d already pay 50k for any laptop. Badumbum Pish! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Good night!

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