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Sony Launch New Xperia Z3 Line–Improved Battery, Cameras & PS4 Remote Play Feature

  As far as smartphones are concerned, the Sony Xperia Z line of androids stand as some of the classiest ones around. (And they’re no slouch in terms of power

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BTS 1/12/2013 – CES New Smartphones, Razer Edge & NVidia Project Shield, & More!

  Whew, been a while since we updated the Podcast for the #BigTimeShow – so we’ve got some catching up to do!In this episode of the Big Time Show (that

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Sony Xperia Z Launch Preview–Quad-Core 5” 1080p Droid Available In April For PHP 32.5k

  While at the Sony “Splash, Look & Listen” campaign launch recently, we were able to check out the Japanese company’s newest flagship phone – the Sony Xperia Z. It’s

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