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WORLD’S SMALLEST WIRELESS MOUSE (Rapoo M600 Mini Silent – PHP 800 / US$ 16)

Ever since portable computers were invented, mankind has always wanted a smaller mouse. Touchpads have gotten better, but for most of us we still want the little loofah that slides around a table to help us point at stuff on screen. And so we looked and found this: the Rapoo M600 Mini Silent mouse. The smallest mouse with BT/RF multi-mode we’ve ever seen.

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Asus Outs Affordable Gaming Peripherals – Cerberus Keyboard & Cerberus Mouse

“Gaming” accessories and “affordable” are usually two words you don’t see in the same sentence, but thankfully Asus is here to change that – with the new Cerberus Gaming Keyboard

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Logitech Color Collection 2014 Launched–New Season’s Wireless Mouse & Keyboards

  Earlier this month Logitech held an event to introduce the new line of 2014 Color Collection mouse and keyboard peripherals. True enough to the name, all of the products

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CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Review–8200 DPI, Adjustable Weights, & Custom Displays

  E-Sports all over the world – and quite interestingly also in the Philippines – is getting quite a renaissance these days. Not only has there been new compelling &

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CM Storm Spawn Unboxing – Gaming Mouse & Precision Mousing Surface Combo

The CM Storm Spawn   The folks at Cooler Master must have known that we’ve been sucking pretty hard at video games lately that they’ve decided to send us one

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