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Join The #NokiaLumiaNation With The New Lumia 610, 710, 800, & 900 Windows Phones

  Recently Nokia Philippines held a major launch party for its Lumia phones at Bonifacio High Street Central’s Amphitheatre. The night was held, of course, to commemorate in grand fashion

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The Nokia WP7 Devices Are Here! Globe Has The Lumia 800; Smart Has The Lumia 710

  Remember when Stephen Elop said that Nokia would be moving on to Windows Phone 7 and world peace will happen shortly after? Man, that was such a long time

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Skype Beta Now Available For WP7 Devices–Sadface If You Got No Front Facing Camera

That’s a Lumia 900, BTW.   Beyond Angry Birds and Facebook, it seems the next most-needed app (at least from what we can tell from users constantly asking us about

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Why Is The Nokia N9 ClearBlack Display So Clear & Black? Elementary, My Dear Watson!

Shown here: SLCD, AMOLED ClearBlack, & AMOLED   For the past year or so, Nokia has been implementing a screen technology called ClearBlack on their devices – a unique screen

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Nokia PH Welcomes New General Manager; Launches Premium Apps & Carrier Billing

Mr. Dharmesh Goshalia – General Manager, Nokia Philippines   Nokia sure has been busy lately haven’t they? They’ve recently introduced a well-accepted Nokia Lumia 900 (4.3” Windows Phone 7) at

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