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  More #BigTimeShow for you today! (Again, as well, sort of!) Yours truly is just catching up with the podcast as the show has already gotten its 5th episode that was aired on September 1, 2012. This time, we talk about stuff that happened back at IFA; (Samsung Galaxy Note 2; Galaxy Camera; ATIV S […]

  On the 4th public episode of the #BigTimeShow, we go LTE crazy! (Also, lawsuit crazy.) The show’s topic this time is about the two major Philippine telcos announcements and launches of their respective 4G Long Term Evolution internet plan – a much awaited development in the notoriously ridiculously slow internet in the Pearl of […]

Will the real Tonino Lamborghini please stand up?   Everybody loves a good patent dispute, right? Well no, actually, we don’t. Especially if the patent in question was for an obscure brand that was plastered onto a completely unrelated and altogether different product that would take no benefit from the name nor technologies involved. We’re […]

  We all thought the photography world was all fine and dandy and everybody gets along pretty well. (Except maybe Canon and Nikon) Apparently, we’re were wrong. Nikon Corporation just announced that they’re filing a lawsuit against Sigma Corporation for patent infringement on interchangeable lenses with vibration reduction for SLR cameras.