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Small Orders On Lazada Are The Ones Suffering The Most Fraud

Big claim from me, but I use Lazada a lot and I’ve experienced this more than just a few times and I think I know what’s going on behind the

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Lazada Is Scamming People By Sending Them The Wrong Item

We’ve all heard the stories. People buy expensive gadgets or products on Lazada (and maybe Shopee) and when they open their boxes they get rocks or crumpled newspapers inside. Essentially

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Lazada No Longer Accepts PayPal Payments

Well Happy New Year dear online shoppers! I come to you with possibly some sad news. I’ve been online shopping even before Lazada became a thing in the Philippines and

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The Vivo V9 Is The First Selfie Phone From The Brand I Can Actually Recommend

Let’s call this post an Editorial. Because first of all, this isn’t a review of the Vivo V9 phone. We haven’t been in contact with the brand in a while

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HTC Leaving Korea; Unable To Compete On The Home Turf Of Samsung & LG (Editorial)

The HTC Flyer   South Korea – a particularly technologically-inclined bustling metropolis known for having the fastest average internet speeds in the whole world, competitive online gaming, and kimchi –

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