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Grab A Baseus Gift Set For Your Loved One This Christmas For Only PHP 1,290!

Are you looking for a cool gift for your loved one this Holiday season? Then get them a Baseus Christmas Car Gift Set as your stocking stuffer. At the new discounted price of PHP 1,290, the receipient will really like the festive packaging and useful car accessories. Check out our unboxing of this gift set embedded above to see more of the products included!

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Finally, The real Christmas Post About Christmas and nothing else

It’s that time of the year again, when the gadgets are turned off and the… “namamasko po!” Oh yeah, those. I’m packing up my stuff for a quick visit to

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Surprise! Friendster Blogs now use WordPress, and Surprise! Friendster is HELLA Slow During Christmas

Hey, look. It’s Friendster. The ugly 90-year old cousin of the hot, young and well-dressed Facebook. Its been a while. Seeing that its Christmas, maybe it would be great to

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