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60FPS Now Available On YouTube, Ushering Next Generation Of Online Video Content

  Fellows, we’ve seen the future and it is glorious – the gloriousness of 60 amazing frames, delivered in one second. For years we’ve been stuck with YouTube playing back

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What’s Going On At E3: Microsoft–Kinect, Halo 4, Dance Central 2

Microsoft Interactive Entertainment’s Don Mattrick takes the stage   The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, just kicked off today with Microsoft’s Press Release held at the Los Angeles Convention Center

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And now we’re back to WW2

World War 2. Potato mashers, MP40, Thompson, M1 Garand, Sten, MG42, Panzershrek, and a whole lot of Nazi’s. I just played through Call of Duty 3 – in Pampanga. Its

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