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Microsoft Has Just Confirmed Ownership Of Your Toolbar; Heck, Your OS Might Not Even Be Yours

You know what I hate the most? People telling me what to do. You know what makes me insanely angry? When something I “own” and have complete control over turns around

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Inori Aizawa Is Microsoft’s Official Anime Character Representing Internet Explorer

  Most Windows users already have it, but a decent percentage don’t actually use it. We’re talking about the pre-installed internet browser on our Microsoft OS machines called the Internet

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Norton AntiVirus 2012 Review–Fast, Robust, & Non-Intrusive PC Protection For PHP 990

The Norton Antivirus 2012 and Norton 360 All-In-One Security   Very few people could really identify what a good Antivirus does. You may ask, “Why do you think that? Isn’t

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Norton 360 All-In-One Security Review (Ver 5.0)

  As someone who’s been troubleshooting PCs for a good portion of my life, I noticed that majority of the time is spent trying to get rid of large utilities

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