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#BTS (9/29/2012) – iPhone 5 Scuffgate, Wii U Price & Release, Globe LTE Details & More!

  Get ready for yet another episode of the #BigTimeShow! This recent episode aired on September 29, 2012 and should get us all caught up with the YouTube live show.

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Nintendo Confirms Wii 2 / HD–Will Be Playable At E3

The Nintendo Wii   Nintendo have just announced that they are indeed working on a new Wii console and it will be playable this June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo

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WTF: Orgy Simulator By Ubisoft “We Dare” For The Wii

Aw yeah   Welcome to this new feature I call When Technology Fails – or WTF for short! Today’s WTF comes to you in video game form! Coming soon to

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Okami Wii is blurry.

Why is that? I played this game on 480i SD quality PS2 and it seemed to look better. Now that its in 480p widescreen its blurred as hell. Ew, ew,

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