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Tag "Technology"

My US wishlist / Finally bought a skateboard

So what kinds of stuff should I take back to the Philippines? Everything. Kidding aside, there’s really so many things you’d just wanna take home from here. Fortunately, I’m not

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On Metal Gears, Altair, and Filipinoes

A YM excerpt. We know its funny Cause its mgs Like, mgs IS funny We know that for a fact Its like GTA We know GTA’s gonna be good For

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To iPhone or not to iPhone, That is the Question.

So Steve Jobs came out with his turtleneck and jeans once more to wow some rabid fanboys (and pretentious art freaks) about the latest expensive apple products in the last

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Waiter! There’s a Game in my Laptop!

So here I am, the Norton Anti-virus kicked in a few minutes ago. I was in the middle of playing a couple songs from the Rock Band soundtrack. My YM

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Net Cafe’s hate me.

So I’m here at a net cafe after a business meet – and I don’t like it. Besides the usual lack of comfort in places like these, they never quite

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