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Free iPhone 4S Siri Alternatives For Android & Windows Phones–No Vangie’s Here (Video)

“Tried "Ask Ziggy" for WP7. Great app. crappy UI.” – Rapid fire review by Jerome Ancheta   iPhone this and iPhone that. Siri this and Siri that. It seems that

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Globe Apple iPhone 4S Preview (Video)

The Globe Apple iPhone 4S   At the Globe iPhone 4S press release, we were able to get to try the smartphone that generated so much hype the previous day.

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We Made It Trend: The Globe Apple iPhone 4S Launch–With Prepaid & Unli Data Plan Details

The Globe iPhone 4S   Dear brothers and sisters, we are now living in the post-iPhone 4S world. A day or so ago, on December 15th, 2011, the Philippines was

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iPhone 4S Launch In A Few Hours–Have Globe Invite; But Smart Says We’re Not Cool Enough

  Right now, with about 2-3 hours to go, we’re counting down to the countdown (redundant!) parties of the iPhone 4S launch from both big name telcos here in the

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