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Shopee 6.6-7.7 Mid Year Sale To Kick Off With TV Special; Cars & House & Lot Prizes!

Well you kinda knew it was coming, because online sales happen almost every month, but Shopee’s 6.6-7.7 Mid Year Sale is upon us and you should really remember all the

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Small Orders On Lazada Are The Ones Suffering The Most Fraud

Big claim from me, but I use Lazada a lot and I’ve experienced this more than just a few times and I think I know what’s going on behind the

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Lazada’s Redesigned Website Looks A LOT Like Shopee

Brand recognition is incredibly important in today’s market. Even if you don’t actively think about it, our brains subconciously associate images, colors, and logos to certain things. Close your eyes

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Lazada Is Scamming People By Sending Them The Wrong Item

We’ve all heard the stories. People buy expensive gadgets or products on Lazada (and maybe Shopee) and when they open their boxes they get rocks or crumpled newspapers inside. Essentially

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Lazada No Longer Accepts PayPal Payments

Well Happy New Year dear online shoppers! I come to you with possibly some sad news. I’ve been online shopping even before Lazada became a thing in the Philippines and

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