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Yahoo! PH Launches “Purple Hunt”–Family Friendly Quest For Online Safety & Prizes!

  Eager to promote safe internet use for children (and of course adults), Yahoo! Philippines have launched an online treasure hunt to teach parents and their kids about online safety

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So Much Drama Over An HSPA+ Stick–The Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini Saga

Will the real Tonino Lamborghini please stand up?   Everybody loves a good patent dispute, right? Well no, actually, we don’t. Especially if the patent in question was for an

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NTC To Enforce Advertised Bandwidth Minimums–Best. God. Damn. News. Ever.

NTC = WIN   Wouldn’t it be nice if ISPs and telcos wouldn’t lie to us and tell us we that we get XX number of MBPS, but then we

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SMART Introduces “Always On” Service –Extended Validity Internet With Caps

  SMART has just introduced a new “Always On” internet service for what we would deem as light or moderate users of mobile data. The service is what we would

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New Friendster. Same Stupid.

Friendster isn’t exactly the king of smart, intuitive interfaces, we’ve all known that. Throughout the years we’ve already seen some of the horrible crap from the used-to-be-popular fledgling social network.

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Net Cafe’s hate me.

So I’m here at a net cafe after a business meet – and I don’t like it. Besides the usual lack of comfort in places like these, they never quite

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