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Starstruck For Android Quick Look – Free Celebrity Slapping Game By Filipino Devs

  As far as local game offerings go, there’s admittedly not a lot that we can talk about. Of course, we featured something like PoofDeFuze in a developer documentary before,

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Android Market Sale Alert–Get Some Sweet Games & Apps For Only A Cornetto (PHP 20)

  Most folks say you can’t really do much with PHP 20 – except get you that budget ice cream drumstick that’s all over the local TV ads. But don’t

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DeFuzing the Bomb: The Making of Indie Filipino iOS Game PoofDeFuze Episode 1

  Back in December during the yearly PinoyXbox Christmas party, we met some guys who were looking forward to let us try their iOS game currently in development. The team,

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IGDA Manila Invites Aspiring & Professional Developers To The Manila Game Jam 2012

  Aspiring game developers, you know you’re out there. I’m sure that at some point in your life while you were playing your favorite video game, you were suddenly struck

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Snippets of Thoughts

Let me try and keep rambling here with the small random info that would be too much to individually post about: 1.) Lost Odyssey – I’m almost at the fourth

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