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These Are The Best Gadgets Of 2012 As Determined By Your #BigTimeShow Crew

  In this new episode of the Big Time Show, we have the privilege to talk about and award the Best Gadgets Of 2012. Yes folks, this is our First

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BTS 11/10/2012–Smart DevNet, DataBlitz vs. XPlay #SCUMBAGAN2012, & More! (Nexus 4?)

  On this episode of the Big Time Show (aired on November 10, 2012), we talk about Smart DevNet with our guest Jim Ayson, Smart’s Nexus 4, ASUS Windows 8

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Globe Lowers Galaxy Note II Price–Up To PHP 100 Less Monthly Or Free At Plan 2499 / 24mo

  Consumers who are currently looking for that new phablet upgrade might want to look in Globe’s direction as they’ve recently cut down the monthly outlay prices for their Samsung

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Big Time Show (9/1/2012)–Galaxy Note 2, Xperia TVJ, AppSung 2, Android Sales & More!

  More #BigTimeShow for you today! (Again, as well, sort of!) Yours truly is just catching up with the podcast as the show has already gotten its 5th episode that

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