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Quick Look: Rusty Hearts–Cel Shaded Free 2 Play Hack n’ Slash MMORPG

  While browsing Steam the other day we found a new Free 2 Play game that we thought we’d like to check out. It was a cel shaded action MMORPG

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Valve Wants Kids To Become Smarter By Playing Portal–Free Until Sept 20

Open Doors, Jump Through 4th Dimension   Guess what? If you still think you’re one of those tough guys who think they can live without playing Portal, then you should

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Team Fortress 2 Is Free Forever–Now You Blokes Have No Excuse

Shooting cutesy Pixar characters for free? Priceless.   In the land of PC video gaming and multiplayer, the Philippines is a land of its own. What dominates our market is

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Free Steam Games–At Least The Good Ones

Portal: First Slice (Portal Demo)   With gas prices so exorbitant these days, (it just zoomed past PHP52/liter in a span of a few days) you probably aren’t interested in

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