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HTC Leaving Korea; Unable To Compete On The Home Turf Of Samsung & LG (Editorial)

The HTC Flyer   South Korea – a particularly technologically-inclined bustling metropolis known for having the fastest average internet speeds in the whole world, competitive online gaming, and kimchi –

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Nominate Your Favorite Bloggers & Social Media Personalities For #TattAwards 2012

We’re on the Tech Junkie category sample sites list, that means we’re a shoe-in!   As of this writing, the nominations for this years Globe #TattAwards are open for the

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On January 22, 2009, The Philippines Collectively LOL’d at The NTC. Then It Moved On.

So if you haven’t heard, there was supposed to be a National Telecommunications Commission public hearing today. What’s it about? Oh nothing – just a law that states that anybody

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ShoZu, the best app for cellphones (or anything) – When its working.

Do you keep a social network? Sure you do. How about a blog? Affirmative. Do you have a photo hosting site to keep the family photos? Probably. So what happens if you take a picture and you want to share it to the world?

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