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An Upcoming Midrange Samsung Phone Will Be Having A 108MP Camera

Despite Samsung pumping out absurd smartphone camera sensors such as 108MP and 200MP, other manufacturers such as Xiaomi always utilize those sensors such as the first phone with a 108Mp

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Xiaomi and Redmi prepares four more 108MP devices

Xiaomi released substantial amount of devices, out of any manufacturer, with a 108MP main camera sensor from Samsung. The Mi Note 10, Mi 10 series, Mi 10T Pro and even

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Leaker Shares Info About A Device With 120x Zoom And 108MP Camera

Digital Chat Station shares another device and its information via a post.  In the post he states that the device will be capable of 120x digital zooming capabilities and has

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108MP Mi Note 10 Pro Now Available In The Philippines

It packs more RAM & ROM on the pretty much identical Mi Note 10 released earlier this December, and one more lens element totaling to 8P on the main sensor, but if you’re up for it then it’ll cost you PHP 29,990.

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The Crazy 108MP Mi Note 10 Will Be Available This Friday For This Price!

First in the world, for sure. If you just can’t have enough of those megapixels, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (Pro) is about to slap everyone’s little dinky camera off

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