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Alodia Gets Hacked So I put a Magnifying Glass Through Her Shorts To See What I can Find

So yesterday, your favorite GBC, short for Gamer-Blogger-Cosplayer (unfortunately not GameBoy Color), Alodia Gosiengfiao, multi-talented Atenista extraordinaire, (major talent: camera shyness) got hacked. Some of her e-mail accounts and social

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ShoZu, the best app for cellphones (or anything) – When its working.

Do you keep a social network? Sure you do. How about a blog? Affirmative. Do you have a photo hosting site to keep the family photos? Probably. So what happens if you take a picture and you want to share it to the world?

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I can has mobile blogging?

Looks like I can has it alright. I’m typing this up on my new cellphone right now. I’ll probably edit it later on a P.C., but for now, let me

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Media Center Project FAIL! =(

So here I am with my cool Vista laptop with a Media Center raring to share its variety of nice High Def MKV videos to the world, but nobody wants

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To iPhone or not to iPhone, That is the Question.

So Steve Jobs came out with his turtleneck and jeans once more to wow some rabid fanboys (and pretentious art freaks) about the latest expensive apple products in the last

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Waiter! There’s a Game in my Laptop!

So here I am, the Norton Anti-virus kicked in a few minutes ago. I was in the middle of playing a couple songs from the Rock Band soundtrack. My YM

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