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Snapchat’s Spectacles Are Now Available For (Almost) Everyone Online!

If you’ve been hiding under a rock and / or haven’t seen videos from any western based vloggers for the past half year, then you’d probably not know about the

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SM Megamall Posts A Promo Dated For February 30th; Hilarity Ensues

Someone from SM Megamall’s social media team must either have a sick sense of humor or not own an actual calendar, because they’ve just posted a picture and graphic for

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All You Shallow Vapid Idiots Deserve Each Other–A Janine Tugonon Gossip Reaction

  Here in the Philippines, a recent “scandalous” story has come to light in some TV show about some vapid people talking about their shallow vapid lives. Which admittedly, happens

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Nominate Your Favorite Bloggers & Social Media Personalities For #TattAwards 2012

We’re on the Tech Junkie category sample sites list, that means we’re a shoe-in!   As of this writing, the nominations for this years Globe #TattAwards are open for the

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12 Yr. Old Leyte Drummer Covers Slapshock’s Carino Brutal Using Only Tin Cans & Sticks

  When it comes to the role of social media in discovering new talents, YouTube has had a couple of successes under its belt. The likes of Charice Pempengco, Justin

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