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The First Ghost In The Shell Trailer Is Out! Did Scarlett Pull It Off Or Is She Still Lost In Translation?

In 2003, Scarlett Johansson played a young foreigner who didn’t speak a lick of Japanese across Bill Murray in “Lost In Translation.” Today, she’s playing a full fledged Japanese cybernetic human

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Jason Bourne Is Back In A Movie Called “Jason Bourne” – We’re Excited, Except For That Title

We’re a big fan of The Bourne Trilogy here at theTechnoclast, we’ve even read the books. (Yes, we know storywise they’re really far apart) We even like Jeremy Renner’s Bourne

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Captain America: Civil War Trailer Has Dropped; Watch It Here

Looks like the new Captain America: Civil War trailer is out, which surprisingly seems to have dropped on Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube channel. Anyway, not much to say here except watch

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The Martian Movie Review – In Space, Nobody Can Hear Your Potatoes!

Surprisingly, the copyright YouTube police isn’t onto us yet! Why? Because we made a review video about “The Martian,” starring Matt Damon and we haven’t been flagged for using the

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Anne Curtis Sings “Let It Go” – Cherry Mobile 2014 Dealers’ Night

Anne Curtis sings “Let It Go” at the Cherry Mobile 2014 Dealers’ Night

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Kim Chiu “Break Free” Song / Dance – Cherry Mobile 2014 Dealers’ Night

Kim Chiu performs a song and dance number at the Cherry Mobile 2014 Dealers’ Night

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