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Big Time Show

Big Time Show

Welcome to the Big Time Show, the number 1 tech podcast in the Philippines (arguably)! You’re here because you may be interested in watching the live show or subscribing. The links to subscribe and the countdown to the next show are below! This page will refresh every 5 minutes or take you to the live show directly when we’re live!

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  1. joel rosario
    January 19, 20:43 #2 joel rosario

    Informative site and show!thumbs up!

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  2. Alsid
    February 27, 11:43 #3 Alsid

    Enjoy !

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  3. conie
    February 27, 13:36 #4 conie

    Hope to win a “DTC CT5 android Phone”

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    February 28, 11:45 #5 DEXTER M. SURIGAO

    hope to win sana nga lord pra me bagong phone :)

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  5. anneziz
    February 28, 14:44 #6 anneziz

    im an avid fan of this show.
    and i want to own that phone.


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  6. antonio henardino
    March 01, 14:34 #8 antonio henardino

    hope to win..

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  7. antonio henardino
    March 01, 14:36 #9 antonio henardino

    hope to win it,gudluck to me..

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  8. eric
    March 01, 15:08 #10 eric

    drive by mr. vhong navarro

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  9. Vince Ian Malonzo
    March 01, 17:18 #11 Vince Ian Malonzo


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  10. Lenny C. Hernandez
    March 01, 17:45 #12 Lenny C. Hernandez

    I hope I win that phone..

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  11. Lenny C. Hernandez
    March 01, 17:46 #13 Lenny C. Hernandez

    I hope i get the phone

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  12. Lenny C. Hernandez
    March 01, 17:47 #14 Lenny C. Hernandez

    hope to win that phone. I really like it.

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  13. dianne david
    March 02, 21:31 #15 dianne david

    waiting for big time show today :)

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  14. Angelica Barxe Fernandez
    March 04, 10:17 #16 Angelica Barxe Fernandez

    Wow! This is cool! I’m joining! Goodluck to us!

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  15. Ma.Victoria Jamila
    July 20, 20:37 #18 Ma.Victoria Jamila

    Happy Anniversary BTS!, more power to ur show .’keep it up!, mwaaah:)

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  16. Ma.Victoria Jamila
    July 20, 20:42 #19 Ma.Victoria Jamila

    hope to win that phone or kahit load lang happy na aq dyan.’bsta galing sa BTS!

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  17. Harley Gonzales Jr.
    July 27, 22:45 #20 Harley Gonzales Jr.

    Eto na ang PinakakaABANGAN ko..!

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  18. mark alibo
    August 02, 05:13 #21 mark alibo

    thats very nice :)

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  19. mark alibo
    August 02, 05:13 #22 mark alibo

    thats nice

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  20. hedzel n pineda
    August 10, 22:28 #23 hedzel n pineda

    This show is a big help to me very knowledgable and funny hehe more power to you guys .. .

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  21. Neon Trees
    August 10, 22:30 #24 Neon Trees

    Sana manalo 1st time ko sumali

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  22. jonas
    August 24, 22:19 #25 jonas

    late nanaman kayo pa raffle naman jan oh

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  23. gio
    September 06, 16:15 #26 gio

    i hope to win the prime i really love it <3

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  24. Lynlyn Pacatang
    September 11, 16:22 #27 Lynlyn Pacatang

    Still hoping! Hope to win this time pls

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  25. gio
    October 03, 17:08 #28 gio

    hope to win <3 finger cross

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