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Yep, thats definitely Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is the Wii’s killer app – best game in the library. So many things to do, its got full motion video for the adventure mode, online

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I helped Sony sell a PS3 today

Normally I wouldn’t, since the PS3 is still at a horribly young stage. (I have doubts it will ever reach maturity.) But nevertheless, you can’t really influence people enough to

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Snippets of Thoughts

Let me try and keep rambling here with the small random info that would be too much to individually post about: 1.) Lost Odyssey – I’m almost at the fourth

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Little Otaku Kid

While at Shakey’s we saw a boy (probably around 7-8 years old) carrying an anime hug pillow. (Non life-sized) It was your standard-fare female anime character – with revealing costume

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