MSI Claw Gaming Handheld With Intel CPU Coming This March In PH (Pricing Announced!)

by Alexei Rivera | February 24, 2024 3:01 am

The competition when it comes to the portable gaming PC space is heating up even more. Back in CES 2024 (January this year), MSI announced their gaming handheld powered by an Intel Ultra gaming processor – the MSI Claw. This makes it possibly one of the first handhelds with an Intel chip – as it’s competitors like the Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally, and Lenovo Legion Go use an AMD SoC. And we didn’t have to wait long until MSI made it available officially for us in the Philippines either – this coming March 3 will be the start of the Pre-Order for the Philippine launch of the MSI Claw. Read up below for the specs and to find out the pricing and pre-order bonuses!

MSI Claw – Pricing Starts at PHP 45,995[1]

The MSI Claw will come in three variants for the Philippine launch. With an i5 base version, and two i7 versions with differing storage sizes. The i5 unit with 512GB storage will retail for PHP 45,995 (Est. US$ 823). While the i7 versions will be priced at PHP 50,995 (Est US$ 912) for the 512GB of storage version and PHP 53,995 (Est. US$ 966) for the 1TB unit. This puts it in line with the pricing for the local Asus ROG Ally price and the Lenovo Legion Go.

A key feature to note about the MSI Claw is that it packs a larger battery than the competition at 53 WHr. The Steam Deck has 40 WHr, Ally has 40 WHr, and LeGo has 49.2 WHr. We don’t know yet how well the Intel chip will fare against the AMD competition or how much battery it will need, but at least you have a larger battery overall with the MSI Claw.

MSI has a pre-order promo starting March 3 where you can get a PHP 2,200 Steam Wallet card, and Claw Accessory Kit which includes a case for the Claw. (You can also get up to PHP 3,000 cashback if you’re part of the first 10 registrants!)

You can pre-order from MSI’s Flagship Stores and/or Shoppe. And Shopee offers 12 months Shopee Pay Later at 0% interest. Click below to go straight to the model you want to see on Shopee.

MSI Claw i5 135H CPU 512GB Model – PHP 45,995[2]

MSI Claw i7 155H CPU 512GB Model – PHP 50,995[3]

MSI Claw i7 155H CPU 1TB Model – PHP 53,995[4]





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