Acer unveils Acerpure, a brand aiming to bring healthy living and improve lifestyle for Filipinos

Acer unveils Acerpure, a brand aiming to bring healthy living and improve lifestyle for Filipinos
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Acer has been known to be a paramount brand in tech and has been a household name in computers. Now, they took a huge step into expanding their portfolio and introduces us the Acerpure brand. Acerpure brings tech home essentials for Philippine consumers to improve quality of life.

As technology improves, to focus on health and wellness with high-tech essentials will be an eventuality. A healthier life and house is what Acerpure brings to the table offering tech products efficient, excellent and at ease of use.

Stated by Sue Ong-Lin, Acer Philippines General Manager, ” Acerpure’s mission is to provide technological innovations that can resolve various customer concerns. We want to create an Acerpure home ecosystem for consumers to live with ease and comfort”.

Among Acerpure has launched, Acerpure Cozy projects air for up to 15 meters away and circulates the air five times every hour. With its 3D Airflow Technology, Acerpure Cozy can sustain a good indoor air circulation when comparing to a standard household fan. Users will also have a 12 touch-acticated speed settings and a plethora of oscillation adjustments for precise control. It can also equalize uncomfortable temperature differences and claims improved energy efficiency.

Acerpure Cool rocks in a  4-in-1 HEPA filter cleansing any pollutants, bacteria, allergens in the air from your home making it healthier and fresher. A four layer protection is within the filter removing dander, pet hair and 99.97% particles as small as 0.3microns, that including bacteria, formaldehyde, PM 1.0 allergens and unwanted odors.

Acerpure also introduced the Clean V1 and Clean V1 Lite. Cleaning with ease as it is quieter and easier than other products. The V1 is light, handy and powerful. It is slim yet poweful with its 1.5kg cordless design. Its battery will be lasting for an hour of runtime on one charge cycle. It is equipped with different modes in cleaning, an electric power brush hair-free technology, and four built-in LED lights.

On the other hand, the V1 Lite weighs 550g with up to 13kPa suction pressure power and a use time of 15 minutes. It offers 2-in-1 usage, one button switch, DC motor, and a USB Type-C charger.

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