Starlink Philippines Starter Kit Discounted 33% Down To PHP 20k!

Starlink Philippines Starter Kit Discounted 33% Down To PHP 20k!
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Great news for internet consumers looking for an alternative to our local ISPs: Starlink internet’s starter kit is now discounted to only PHP 19,999 – which previously cost PHP 29,320! That’s nearly 33% discount to get on the Satellite-based internet from Elon Musk’s SpaceX low earth orbit satellite program.

Yes, that Elon Musk. The currently wealthiest person in the world; somewhat controversial founder of Tesla; owner of Twitter; and other such large companies and endeavors.

For those who don’t understand, Starlink is an Internet Service Provider – similar to our local ISP like PLDT, Globe, Converge – that uses satellites in the sky to send data to your antenna dish and allows you to have internet from even places where you can’t be reached by both mobile data like 4G and 5G, and terrestrial ISPs with wired connections like Fiber. This gives the user a distinct advantage to have internet when you are even in very rural, or remote areas. That said, you can also get this internet in the cities if you like – though that makes the choice less compelling since there are a lot of ISP options for city dwellers.

The cost of Starlink’s Starter kit used to be around PHP 30k. This kit gives you a high-tech motorized satellite dish with a stand, an Internet Router for the dish, and wires. But now, up until August 31, 2023, you can get this bundle for PHP 19,999 – making it much more palatable to early adopters of this Satellite technology.

This includes one month free to try the data service, and you can get another month starting at PHP 2,700 if you stay in one place. You can also opt out on any months – there is no lock in period and you’ve paid for the equipment entirely with no monthly costs added.

For the base price of PHP 2,700 a month, Starlink internet is not the cheapest we could get in the Philippines. Generally most households are probably paying PHP 1,200 for their monthly ISP. Its not cheap, but its not prohibitive. If you live in a rural area and need decent quality internet, it may be the only solution for you. And thankfully, Starlink has no fair use policy in terms of how much you use of it. (Though I think some unusual plan tiers do.)

The speed of Starlink is also not that guaranteed though most users claim they get 100-250MBPS download speeds on average and maybe 20MBPS upload speeds.

Either way, this is a great chance to get into a possible spare ISP or even a fast ISP if you live in rural areas where mobile data and ISPs are really slow. This could also work during calamities when the infrastructure is down – since satellites will still be working but phone lines may not.

For a lot of users, it may be a luxury item as of now, but there are applications where we can see it shine.

Anyway, if you’re interested, check out Starlink’s webpage here.

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