Google Pixel future roadmap through 2025 leak out

Google Pixel future roadmap through 2025 leak out
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A report from Android Authority has leaked information regarding Google’s future plans on their smartphone division up until 2025. These include devices, chips like the Google Tensor and even new strategies by the tech giant moving forward.

For 2023, Google will be having two new devices under the Pixel family. Codenamed “lynx” and “felix”, the two will be unveiled next year. “Lynx” or the Pixel 7a will keep the same pricing as the Pixel 6a on western markets at 449$. Previous rumors regarding the 7a show key improvements over the 6a like a higher refresh rate display at 90Hz and wireless charging.

Meanwhile “Felix” is suspected to be the Google Pixel Fold, a foldable smartphone to cost at 1,799$ as a straight jab against the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

The Pixel 6 series

Later in 2023, the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro will be unveiled. The two seem to have no significant changes over the Pixel 7 series with the exception of the Pixel 8 having a smaller display over the 7. The Pixel 8 series will have “zuma” as their silicon, likely to be marketed as the Tensor G3.

Now for 2024, the Pixel 8a’s release would depend on the commercial success or not of the Pixel 7a. If not, the device is rumored to launch for every two years, a la iPhone SE series style.  “Akita” or the alleged Pixel 8a is pinned at a 499$ price, a bit higher than the Pixel 7a. 

Moving forward, the Pixel 9 series is tipped to have three devices under its umbrella. The Pixel 9, alike to the Pixel 8 which is smaller than 7. “Komodo” or the Pixel 9 Pro at 6.7-inch. And there’s “caiman”, the third device under the series which would have Pro features albeit at a smaller form factor at 6.3-inch.

The three would be powered by “redondo” or probably marketed as the Tensor G4.

Lastly, for 2025, Google is currently experimenting at a Flip style device like the Z Flip 4. Also, the firm’s strategy would be vastly influenced by the performance of the 2023 and 2024 devices. The fate of the follow up on the Pixel Fold would be dependent of “felix” reception. 

The report also says that Google may venture on their Pixel 10 series at a foldable standard model, a non foldable Pixel 10, large and small variations of the Pro models. Or a smaller and larger variants of the standard Pixel 10 if Google doesn’t push through with their clamshell foldable.

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