Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Priced At PHP 25k, Free Mi Scooter For Pre-Orders!

by Alexei Rivera | October 15, 2020 10:10 pm

Kinda crazy, and its limited until supplies last, but if you go to a Xiaomi Offline Store to pre-order the new Mi 10T Pro, and you’re extremely early, then you get a free PHP15k worth Mi Electric Scooter for free!

Oh and you get the phone too, but we’ll talk about that in a bit.

The Mi 10T Pro & Mi 10T are Xiaomi’s 2nd half of 2020’s flagships and they’re pretty premium devices indeed. You get 108MP camera on the Pro, and 64MP on the Non-Pro. But for all intents and purposes they’re almost the same. The Pro is priced at PHP 24,990 (8GB+256GB) and the non-pro is PHP 19,990 / PHP 20,990 (6GB+128GB / 8GB+128GB). There’s also some crazy freebies for early adopters and/or pre-orders, so read up on all the specs and freebie details (including the free Mi Electric Scooter) below!

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro – PHP 24,990 (US$ 500)

Xiaomi Mi 10T – PHP 19,990 (US$ 400) / PHP 20,990 (US$ 430)

Here’s the details for the crazy freebies. Online sales will start on Lazada, and the Mi 10T can be had there for PHP 17,990 if you buy it immediately on Oct 16th.

But if you go to Mi Offline Stores, you can pre-order the Mi 10T Pro and get a free electric scooter, only if you get there quick cause its only until supplies last. Our guess? Its going to be chaos at the mall to line up. Be careful and maintain social distancing please.

What do you think? Its pretty tempting – you can get a SD 865 phone for only PHP 18k? (During the initial flash sale online.) Or get a Mi Electric Scooter? That’s if you can get to the pre-order store quick. (Please be safe though.)

Anyway, Mi 10T & Pro, grab one if you’re interested!

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