Sony’s Vlogging-Focused ZV-1 Camera Now Available To Pre-Order (SRP PHP 43k)

by Alexei Rivera | June 13, 2020 4:24 am

We’ve always thought the Sony RX100 series were some of the best compact cameras around, and its always been a popular choice for mobile vlogging out there with its bright 1″ sensor, great autofocus, and high resolution video features. Its also slowly grown to include more and more vlogging-centric capabilities like a selfie screen, good quality microphones, a mic jack, and video focused features and autofocus for that particular type of content. Though as for the control scheme and form factor they still are photography devices first so it doesn’t have custom controls for video.

Thankfully, Sony has finally crossed over to a more video-centric camera with the new ZV-1. While the RX100 where photo-first, video-second devices, the ZV1 is fully designed to be for video from the ground up. Which means it has a much friendlier flip out selfie screen, crisper microphones with an included wind filter, and better controls for selfie oriented photography and videography.

And now you can pre-order one from Sony Philippines.

With an SRP of PHP 42,999, it comes much cheaper than a top line RX100 camera, therefore easier on the pockets of budget-minded vloggers. And if you pre-order, you also get the video shooting grip and a 64GB SD card for free!

Sony ZV-1 – PHP 42,999 / Est. USD 850

You can learn more about the Sony ZV-1 on Sony’s official product page here. And of course you can learn more about the pre-order mechanics on their pre-order page here[1].





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