Farming Simulator ’19 Is Free On The Epic Games Store

by Alexei Rivera | February 2, 2020 8:02 pm

Kind of an interesting, and big game right now is free on the Epic Games Store. Normally Epic gives away indie games every week, but this time they’re giving away Farming Simulator 2019. While you may or may not have any aspirations to get into a realistic farming type game, the only thing that matters right now is that its free – so grab it while its available until Feb 7, 2020.

The mechanics are of course very simple – login to your account at Epic Games Store and browse the store for Farming Simulator 2019[1]. Click on “See Editions” or scroll down and click on “GET” where you see the basic edition of the game. Simple.

Oh and this is only for PC users, but if you’ve been getting these free games for over a year now you’d know this already. Anyway, have fun farming!

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  1. browse the store for Farming Simulator 2019:

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