Fulcrum eSports Opens Gaming Cafe In Cainta, Rizal

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Fulcrum eSports, a new organization that’s looking to enter the competitive video gaming market here in the Philippines have opened their first branch of gaming cafes in Cainta, Rizal.

Check out the tour of Fulcrum eSports gaming cafe in the video embedded above!

Located in the Rublou Mall in Brookside Drive, Cainta, Rizal, the Fulcrum eSports cafe is a PC gaming cafe with a lot more dedication towards competitive gaming than most cafe’s you know. While typical PC rental shops offer various services unrelated to gaming, Fulcrum eSports is focused on gaming and competition.

Gamers can expect top notch machines in partnership with Asus PCs and peripherals – these include real Asus RGB mechanical keyboards, RGB mice, RGB headphones. comfortable gaming chairs, low latency 144Hz gaming monitors, and Fulcum is proud to announce that they’re the first eCafe with RTX 2060 GPUs.

Fulcrum eSports In Cainta is the first ever ASUS ROG Gold Certified Cafe and is also NVIDIA iCafe Certified.

Instead of offering non-gaming services like printing, office apps, and snacks – which admittedly are very easy to find in and around Rublou Mall – Fulcrum’s value is in the competitive advantage it’ll give to you in gaming, and they’re focusing on improving local talents and competitive spirit by holding tournaments many times a week for many of the popular eSports games.

For only PHP 30-35 per hour, you get a great gaming experience, with a premium VIP section also for gamers with higher demands on their systems. Surprisingly, the air-conditioning was also quite nice when we were there – a bonus most cafe goers will likely appreciate. And Fulcrum is ramping up their services to eventually become a 24-hour shop so people can start playing anytime they want even in the early morning hours.

Fulcrum’s Tournaments in December have already given away many prizes to aspiring gaming professionals including Gaming Chairs, Mice, and Keyboards among others!

Fulcrum eSports has already held many gaming tournaments and live streams from their branch in Cainta, and its always fun to watch. Upcoming players, casters, and teams are competing in these venues that will eventually get bigger and more recognized as time goes on. Its always great to stimulate these newcomers and giving them a good place to practice, compete, and congregate is a good starting point that Fulcrum is bringing to the table.

Fulcrum eSports is planning on opening more gaming hubs in the coming months so make sure to be on the lookout for more announcements, particularly on their Facebook Fan Page here. Check out their upcoming tournaments and live streams as well!

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