108MP Mi Note 10 Pro Now Available In The Philippines

by Alexei Rivera | December 30, 2019 5:32 am

It packs more RAM & ROM on the pretty much identical Mi Note 10 released earlier this December, and one more lens element totaling to 8P on the main sensor, but if you’re up for it then it’ll cost you PHP 29,990.

The Mi Note 10 launched on December 6, 2019 here in the Philippines and I was (still am) pretty excited about it. Enough that I even bought my own unit with my own money. I wanted to fully test the camera capabilities under long term use and pit it against its contemporaries without the brands meddling with my content. And I’ve been quite happy with it so far. You can watch some of my content I’ve made on the Mi Note 10 here (vlogging with it part 1)[1] and here (vlogging with it part 2)[2], but that’s not exactly what we’re talking about in this article so let’s get back to topic.

Scanning down the specs of the new Mi Note 10 Pro, you’re paying an extra PHP 4,000 for the priviledge of 2GB more RAM, 128GB more ROM (precious since this has no SD card expansion), and an extra element on the 7P lens now making it an 8P lens. There’s not a huge difference, and the CPU even stays the same Snapdragon 730G – weird since its the Pro version and we’d expect a higher proc. But anyway, PHP 4,000 extra isn’t too bad for those extra specs.

The one extra lens element is probably, in my opinion, going to be used for less lens glare. As some of my low light shots have lots of lens flares. That’s just a theory though. Anyway, onto the Pro’s specs below!

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro – PHP 29,990 (Est. US$ 600)

According to Mi Store Philippines’ FB Fanpage, the Mi Note 10 Pro is available now (December 29, 2019). They didn’t specify which colors are available though. (We heard that Green & Black are available.) Personally, you should really check out the white one. We think that’s the best color, bar none. Anyway, Happy Holidays / New Year shopping!

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