Epic Store Is Giving Away 6 Free Batman Games!

by Alexei Rivera | September 21, 2019 7:51 pm

Batman is turning 80 years old! He’s pretty spiffy for a geriatric, but that’s why we’re celebrating the hero Gotham deserves, or something like that.

Epic Games is joining in on the festivities by giving away SIX, yes SIX Batman Games – which include the critically aclaimmed Batman Arkham collection, and a slew of Lego Batman games for all the ages. (Cause adults can play Lego too!)

Lego Batman Trilogy

Batman Arkham Collection

The mechanics are still the same simple ones for all Epic Games free offers from before. You need to sign into your Epic account and “buy” these games for $0.00 to keep them onto your account forever. But if you wait too long, they won’t be free to keep anymore, so be sure to get these games before the deadline of September 26 (10:59 AM EDT)!

Easiest way to get these games is to either login to your Epic Games store app on your PC (yes, this is a PC exclusive offer), or go online and go to the free Batman page here[1].

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  1. the free Batman page here: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/collection/batman-free-week

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