The Division 2 Open Beta Starts Today! (Yes, It’s Free!)

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Got enough storage space, fast enough internet connection, and some free time to shoot bad guys and… shoot more bad guys this weekend? Then Tom Clancy’s Ubisoft’s The Division 2’s Open Beta is right up your alley! From March 1 to 5 (8PM AET / 5PM GMT+8) you can play a preview of the game absolutely free.

Which is technically funny cause the Open Beta preview video which you can watch abovehappily declares in bold letters, “PLAY FOR FREE” ala typical Free2Play game, but it isn’t one – which may or may not be good depending on how much you’d pay for a game. (The Division 2 is a US$60 game or equivalent cost to where you live, and will be officially launching on March 15.)

Anyway, as we’ve said before, if you don’t mind a free looter and shooter for a few days – with a possibility of being able to keep your save and get some extra freebies if or when you buy the full game, then go ahead and check this out. Link to the beta is here, or you can just click “The Division 2 Open Beta” on your UPlay client on PC. Console gamers need not worry as this offer also stands for PS4 and Xbox One.

Now, The Division 1 was an interesting game – it is one of Ubisoft’s games that seemingly had long legs and kept going months after launch – mostly due to the French video game developer’s penchant for strong content updates – mostly free we might add – to keep the players happy and coming back. This happened with some of their other games like For Honor and most surprisingly Rainbow 6 Siege which is now enjoying a strong eSports scene.

This makes us more confident in The Division 2’s chances in the long run and will probably leave you entertained for however many hours you put in it.

But if you still have any doubts, you might as well play the Open Beta they provide for you at no extra charge to find out if you’ll like it or not – which we may remind you is way better than competing devs who delay their launch and force people to pre-order the game to get early access.

So go on, have a nice little shooty-looty weekend. Its on Ubisoft.

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