The Best 27″ 144Hz 1080p Monitor For The Price

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Listen, we love ourselves some quality, color accurate, high refresh rate monitors. But hey, nobody has 30k-ish pesos (or more!) to burn on those expensive, branded gaming displays with those tacky RGB lights and ugly, trying-too-hard designs. So today we’ve decided to feature the most affordable 1080p 27″ 144Hz Freesync display with a model name nobody will remember so let’s just call it the Bezel 27-inch.

Click this photo to go to the Lazada item page for the monitor

The Bezel 27″ is cheap – priced at only PHP 11,499 down from it’s original SRP of PHP 13,999. And it features pretty competitive specs like the aforementioned 144Hz refresh, 1080p resolution, and relatively quick 3ms response. And hey, it even has thin bezels. What else do you really even need in a monitor – 18 inch gold rims with spinners?

Now before we get to the video, we understand that most “budget” hunters will likely opt for a smaller, 24″ inch monitor. The off brand 24″ 144Hz displays are cheaper (around PHP 9k), fits in most smaller gaming setups, and if you plant your face closer to them, works just about the same. Or if you prefer branded displays, 24″ ones from companies like AoC, Viewsonic, Zowie, and even MSI are in the PHP 12k range. (But their 27″ units are nearer to PHP 20k.)

(Click on the photo to go to the promo page for these monitors)

Case in point there’s a deal right now for both the ViewSonic VX2458 and Zowie XL2411 for a sub-13k price, and come each with an SSD for free. Both have 144Hz Freesync and 1ms response, so they’re pretty good. I’ve personallyowned a BenQ RL2450 myself and I’ve had no complaints until I eventually burned the LEDs out over time.


But this was a personal purchase for us, and for our racing sim rig and the few competitive shooters we’d be playing, we wanted a bigger display. So we opted for the 27″ and this is the most affordable one we could find. And we’re quite happy with it so far. In fact, we’re considering getting 2 more for a full 3-monitor surround 144Hz setup. Hopefully they have more stocks by then so we don’t have to mix and match different brand monitors if they run out.

Anyway, if you want to see this monitor in action, we’ve embedded our unboxing and first impressions video above, or you can read up on more of the specs below.

Bezel 27MD28911 27 Inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor – Now PHP 11,499

  • 27″ 1920×1080 144Hz VA Panel With Freesync
  • 3ms Response Time
  • 2x HDMI, 2x DisplayPort Inputs
  • 1x Speaker / Headphone Output
  • No Built in Speaker
  • Comes with Power Adapter and DisplayPort Cable
  • Compatible with VESA mounts

We think the color, image, and motion quality of the display is pretty good. And the bezels are pretty thin and non-distracting if you’re planning on using more than one of these. There’s some fun red accents on the side panels, and the stand is made of red painted metal. The base design however is rather flimsy and front heavy. And the 6 small screws require to assemble the monitor require a ton of torque to get the base on tight, as you might have seen in the video.

Still we’re impressed that we got a 144Hz eSports-ready, larger than most for the price, monitor we’ve managed to get for only PHP 11.5k.

Check it out at Lazada here if you’re interested. If not, then its fine. I mean, we’re not making any affiliate money over it or anything so its not like it matters.

What matters is you have a good doge day, and like our gaming page I Am Kokak. Do it.

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