With One Cameo On Luke Cage Season 2, Marvel Fixed Danny Rand & The Iron Fist

With One Cameo On Luke Cage Season 2, Marvel Fixed Danny Rand & The Iron Fist
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I really hated Iron Fist Season 1. It was boring, it was convoluted, it made no sense. It made a master martial artist borne from intense training in martial arts, who defeated an actual legendary Dragon, to a weeping sobbing can’t-even-fight spoiled pissant with parental and whatever else issues so bad it made the show so incredibly unwatchable. It was so horrible that given Netflix’s passion for not having a user review aggregate rating on their library made me second guess every single streaming video on the platform. It still haunts me to this day how we get a random assortment of Adam Sandler Netflix Exclusives that I’ve never watched because they’re probably about as good as eating my own feces – but I digress. Luke Cage however, has been one of the better shows from the Marvel Netflix Universe and I gave the newest Season 2 a watch and to my surprise, Danny Rand came on and completely redeemed himself.

He shows up at a weird crossroads in Luke Cage Season 2, and it kind of got me blindsided at first. They reference him a few times in the series as someone who you could request say an empty building for, but I never thought he’d actually make a cameo – and a huge one too. He’s there most of the episode he’s in and he’s absolutely a changed character. He’s funny; self aware. He makes jokes about himself and, with respect, recognizes that his history is a weird one. The writers even step in when the character would seemingly start to drone on again about his past – no doubt aware that we’re all too sick of all the flashbacks and dumb time wasters about that from his Season 1 show.

And then there was his fighting prowess. Much, much better. He’s not a spoiled brat anymore – he’s comfortable. He doesn’t complain about his fate nor proclaim how important he’s supposed to be. In the episode you can even see him relax and accept his role somewhat. He becomes a wise martial artist who would only show his power (which he can and does) only if needed. A true Mr. Miyagi with a glowing fist that blows up city blocks. He’s even got a nice clean ‘do. This is the Iron Fist I’ve been waiting to see.

And no, I’m not in that snowflake group who claims that Danny Rand should have been an Asian – because his entire character is a white man who LEARNS about Asian culture and brings it back to his world. How would an Asian bring Asian culture back to his Asian world? All those Shaolin monks would just laugh at Asian Danny Rand in the process. And I’m Asian and I don’t really care about all that whitewashing everybody seems to be complaining about.

Needless to say, Danny Rand is now a redeemed character in my books. And Luke Cage Season 2 has shaped up to be pretty decent – I do have some qualms about it but overall I’m glad I’m watching it. Grab a Netflix subscription if you haven’t yet and watch the Marvel Netflix Universe if you wanna get into it too.

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