Getting A New Aircon – OPPO F7 VLOG VIDEO

by Alexei Rivera | April 28, 2018 1:06 am

We’re doing something new this time, and going to actually show a real life sample use of a phone we’re reviewing – the Oppo F7. Being the selfie-expert product that it is, we’ve decided that people might be curious as to how it performs as a vlogging phone. So we set out and did an actual vlog while 100% shooting all video and photos with the phone. Wanna see what the resulting vlog looks like? Well check it out: its embedded above, and see for yourself.

So what did you think of the video? Does it pass your own personal requirements as to the quality of video vlogs you want to be making? Or even if you don’t plan on vlogging it even shows sample videos and photos if you’re into that. (No selfies this time though, but a lot of front video.)

Everything we’re doing of course, feeds into the review we’re working on so this is an excellent way to test the cameras of the Oppo F7 for us too. Anyway, if you like this kind of raw, behind the scenes content and camera testing let us know so we might do more of them!

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