Vote For Your Favorite Phone Of 2017 And Win HUGE Prizes In Our Poll!

by Alexei Rivera | January 9, 2018 7:43 pm

2017 has been a crazy year for smartphones – with weird trends that seemed to have a mix of dual lenses, 18:9 displays, more selfie megapixels, and the like. Overall, you could say some trends have also meant lower specs for phones and increased prices but there’s always some diamonds that come out of the rough. And this is what our BTS Community’s Choice 2017 smartphone award goes to – at least when it comes to the consumers that vote on our poll. And every year,¬†WE GIVE OUT HUGE PRIZES that come out generally from our own pockets! We’ve got gaming headphones, a Casio GShock watch, budget androids, and the FAN FAVORITE (pun intended) LED Clock USB Fan! How to join the raffle draw though? Explanation and instructions below!

Well, instructions are going to be simple. You’d have to be a member of the (free to join) BTS Community Facebook Group[1] and vote on the BTS Community’s Choice Award 2017 poll[2]! That’s all. Make sure to vote according to the rules like the phone has to be a 2017 device, but that’s it! Join the group (if you aren’t a member yet), and vote! It couldn’t be simpler! (You can read more details on the poll itself if you want!)

Anyway, make sure to join and vote! Its free to join for all PH Residents and you can vote for any phone you want, we won’t judge! Heck, call in your pals and defend the honor of your favorite phone if you want!

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