Asus Announces Massive 65″ 4K 120Hz G-Sync Monitor Because Why Not?

by Alexei Rivera | January 9, 2018 10:41 pm

I am a sucker for big, high resolution displays – and I’m typing this post on my 43″ 4K HDR TV right now. (They have to be high quality too, IMO.) And that’s why a new development from CES this year is quite fetching for me. Not necessarily because I can afford it, but because eventually we’ll see more of them and they’re going to get more affordable soon. Asus has just announced a new Big Format Gaming Display. (BFGD – apparently that’s a new moniker) But aside from it not having a price yet, why do I think it’s going to cost a lot? Well its probably not unreasonable given the specs but it’ll still be up there ’cause its packing 4K resolution in 120Hz refresh, and G-Sync. Plus, its a massive 65″ and with tons of luminance and color gamut to boot. As a bit of a display nerd that really does take the cake when it comes to jaw-droppingness. I probably can’t fit it in my setup, but boy do I still want one.

Listen, I love my 4K TV. Its got great HDR, awesome color, heck even the speakers blow my mind. But what it can’t do so well is play games. I mean it does but I do get screen tearing issues and of course even though its pretty low latency we’re still talking about roughly 2-3 frames of difference between what the game sees and what I see.

Well, of course Asus – being very serious about their gaming – isn’t going to have that. Their 65″ 4K display not only shows twice the frames as my TV, 120Hz vs 60Hz, it also has G-Sync, which is a Godsend for tearing free smooth gameplay. That and of course there’s low lag and all that.

This tech is still a little time away from being mainstream, but for some people it might just be up their alley.


Asus ROG Swift PG65 – Price To Be Announced

For more information, check out the monitor’s information page here[2].

Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

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