A Professional Geek Squad Will Setup Your WiFi Mesh With PLDT’s New Whole Home WiFi Plan!

A Professional Geek Squad Will Setup Your WiFi Mesh With PLDT’s New Whole Home WiFi Plan!
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Whenever a relative or a friend has any IT related problems, they always ask me. Generally its about the internet or WiFi, and how they can get better service in their homes. I usually help set it up, give them tips, or provide the solution or fix. I guess I would consider myself their (friendly) tech support. But not all families and friends have contact with a person like me. Sometimes, the most technologically inclined person you know is yourself – and you still need a little help. I know this, because I’ve met a lot of people like this through blogging and social media. So what then? Who would help in setting up your WiFi network at home in a family that, let’s say is comprised of Mom, Dad, and little kids who wouldn’t know anything about it? Well, aside from providing the Fibr connectivity, PLDT Home can also help in setting up your “Whole Home WiFi” – making sure you never have to figure it out on your own.

The concept is pretty simple but also very unique each household. No house is the same, with different walls, amount of doors, floors, interference, and other factors. PLDT’s Whole Home WiFi Plan is a service that is offered at PHP 3,499 a month, and features a 50MBPS Fibr subscription but with a bonus: a fully customized WiFi mesh network for your home. A group called the, “Home Geek Squad” will examine your house’s WiFi needs and provide the equipment and setup for a seamless WiFi mesh for your entire home – eliminating those dreaded WiFi dead spots. This is a service that, I admit, even I could get help on – since my whole house isn’t completely covered by WiFi.

And in case you’re not 100% familiar with how a mesh network works, here’s the simple explanation: its a smart solution that only needs you to remember one WiFi password but has multiple devices broadcasting at the same time. The entire mesh, wherever they are placed, will make sure your device be connected to the strongest signal at all times. The beauty of this type of system is that you don’t have to disconnect to one WiFi signal and log into another when you move to another part of your house. And while larger houses are no doubt the target demographic for this technology, some special cases still make small abodes need it as well.

You can grab the PLDT Whole Home WiFi service for PHP 3,499 and it comes with a 50MBPS Fibr subscription. Other plans are also in the works. Read more about it on their site here: www.pldthome.com/wholehomewifi!

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