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Can you believe I’m making a tutorial on how to cash out your mined Bitcoins into Philippine Pesos? How small a target audience do you think I’m talking to right now? Well, it doesn’t matter – as long as we teach a few guys the joys and amazeballsness of mining, then we’d be happy to have helped. Plus, we think there’s a real future for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that traditional payment systems can’t match, so we’d love for more people to be using the technology. Anyway, we digress. Watch the video embedded above for a tutorial on how to cash out your Mining-Earned (or otherwise) Bitcoins to Philippine Pesos!

So, are you even more interested in mining now that you’ve seen our Mining Tutorial and how to cash out? Or did you try it and got disappointed that your GPU couldn’t earn enough to be profitable? Or maybe, just maybe you’re mining right now and are soon on your way to getting your very own Peso withdrawal from your earnings? Either way, hope you liked the tutorial and found it edumacational!

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